Ernest Hemingway was one of the most important American writers of the 20th century. Born on July 21, 1899, Hemingway first started writing in high school. After finishing high school, he worked as a reporter for the Kansas City Star.   Hemingway was fascinated by war all his life. At 18, he entered World War I as an ambulance driver. He was injured in 1918, and returned home a hero. He later began working for the Toronto Star, and was sent to write about the war between Greece and Turkey.   During his time in Europe, Hemingway found what he wanted his writing to do: show the horrors of war so clearly that his readers would want to end all war. In 1929, Hemingway published, "A Farewell to Arms", a novel about a young ambulance driver's unhappy experiences during World War be continued ...

        海明威:昔人已远去,警语犹在耳(2)   欧内斯特.海明威是20世纪美国最重要的作家之一。海明威出生于1899年7月21日,他在高中时便开始写作。念完高中以后,他在堪萨斯城市星报担任记者。海明威一生都很关注战争。在18岁时,他作为一名救护车司机加入第一次世界大战。他在1918年受了伤,以英雄的身份回到家乡。后来他开始为多伦多星报工作,并且被派往希腊和土耳其去报导这场战争。   海明威在欧洲期间找到了什么是他想要写的:清楚地展现战争的恐怖,从而使他的读者想要终止所有的战争。1929年,海明威出版了《永别了,武器》,这是一部有关一位年轻救护车司机在第一次世界大战中的不愉快经历的小说。


      One of Holden's main problems is that he dislikes almost everyone. He thinks most people are "Phonies", especially adults. He thinks they are all pretending to be something they are not. He often tells the reader why he does not like the people he talks to.   But Holden acts like a phony too. He often lies about himself. He pretends that he is going to do things that he never does. Because he thinks people are phony, he spends a lot of time feeling lonely.

  文学橱窗:麦田里的守望者(2)   霍尔顿的一个主要问题是他几乎讨厌所有的人。他认为绝大多数人都是骗子,尤其是大人。霍尔顿认为他们老是装模作样。他经常告诉读者,他为什么讨厌和他交谈的人。   然而,霍尔顿自己其实也很虚伪。他经常隐瞒有关自己的一切。他假装要做一件事,却从未付诸实施。因为他觉得所有人都很虚伪,所以很多时候他会感到孤单。